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CyberCop™ is an intrusion detection system that safeguards corporate assets by performing real-time surveillance of network traffic. The CyberCop system protects networks from external and internal attacks by providing a "high tech burglar alarm" capable of alerting companies when the security of their networks is breached by unauthorized intruders.

CyberCop is a real-time security solution that:

  • issues alarms when attacks are identified
  • recognizes networked elements under attack
  • logs the activity
  • and captures evidence of the intrusion

CyberCop has ease-of-use features that make the product usable by System or Network Managers. This means that CyberCop is easy to deploy and configure as well as easy to manage and operate. CyberCop's designed-in security means that the system is practically impossible to detect, bring down and will be operational during any attack.

Using advanced intrusion detection technology, the CyberCop system recognizes over 170 kinds of network and host-based intrusions originating from either inside or outside the corporate network. The CyberCop product is an adaptable solution that accrues the intelligence and historical data necessary to identify and thwart increasingly sophisticated hacker attacks.

With CyberCop, your critical IS resources are now protected by a network motion detector, burglar alarm and security camera.

Our customers perceive a growing threat to their business operations. Many companies are experiencing a significant increase in the number of attacks against their networks. The 1997 Computer Crime Survey sponsored by the Computer Security Institute and Federal Bureau of Investigation indicates that the frequently cited statistic 80% of information security problems are internal — is no longer accurate. While the threat from internal users or intruders masquerading as trusted insiders has not diminished, the number of external attacks is growing due to widespread Internet use. CyberCop alerts network operations personnel to suspicious activity within seconds, allowing them to immediately shut down the intruder without interrupting critical business processes.

"Intrusion detection is a crucial issue in security because even the best systems and defenses are broken into eventually," said Dan Farmer, noted security expert and creator of the first public domain scanning tool.

Network Generalís intrusion detection system draws on the companyís experience in delivery packet-level analysis systems-such as the popular Sniffer® Analyzer which have been used by network managers to catch intruders — CyberCop is a technology to automate this process. CyberCop contributes to our commitment of providing Total Network Visibility ®.

In addition, NGC teamed up with WheelGroup Corporation of San Antonio, Texas which is the leading supplier of Intrusion Detection technology to develop CyberCop. WheelGroup has extensive experience in Information Warfare and were featured in the February 1997, cover article in Fortune Magazine.

Yes, Network General will offer a suite of services to help customers assess their security environment, build security knowledge and skills, and optimize ongoing CyberCop operation. Our Network Consultants will provide continual security posture visibility by conducting periodic vulnerability audits on the network. They will also run hacker attack scenarios to assure the optimal configuration of security products and intrusion sensors.

A course on operational security fundamentals and policy will be offered by Sniffer University to help train IS professionals. In addition, comprehensive CyberCop product support and updates will be available through the PrimeSupport® program, so customers have the most current protection against the latest hacker techniques.

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